The horticultural team

Greg Watson 

Head Gardener


John Black  

As an Old Gaurdsman, John brings a millitary precision to both the lawns and the vegatable garden. Having lived and worked in Devon since 1987 John has turned his hand to everything from Police support, transport, building restoration and animal husbandry, but is probably best known for playing the bagpipes and can often be heard practicing in the gardens.


Steve Damerel  

Steve has worked at Chevithorne Barton for over 30 years, he primarily focuses on the farm and buildings maintenance, yet is always ready to lend a hand when it comes to the bigger garden projects and still finds time to be a shepherd to the small flock of Jacob sheep. As a fully qualified mechanic he keeps all our mowers and tractors in good working order. He has the enviable ability to look at a bolt from 20 yards away and know exactly what size spanner you’ll need.

 Marie Lagerwall

 As a former librarian, Marie brings organisational and database skills to Chevithorne Barton. She completed an MA in Landscape Architecture a the University of Sheffield where her final-year project and dissertation both featured trees as essential urban infrastructure. After a season volunteering at Levens Hall with a focus on topiary maintenance, Marie decided to shift her career to practical horticulture in historic gardens and completed a WRAGS traineeship at a private garden in Whixley, North Yorkshire. Marie’s also worked in mueseum visitor services and on oral history projects, so she’ll be more than happy to chat about the garden and oak collection with visitors on our open days.